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Cherish Parenting was nearly ready to launch . Then tragically a pandemic hit the World and amongst all the devastation it brought ,it also saw a significant change and demands to my health job. So Cherishparenting went on the back-burner for a while. Now as I gain again a little more ..Cherish time ..I’m up and running again. Though through all what is and has happened, I am so aware .. more than ever of families needing that extra support. So for the time being ..subscriptions are all on offer and include SUBSCRIBE FOR 6 MONTH PAY FOR 5. PLUS membership levels all at special prices . RUN level has limited spaces due to my other work commitments.  … In the future  levels will include more Skype calls and face time but for now…please just contact me ..everyone needs to talk xx

Yours truly,
Janet … Cherishparenting

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