Building Blocks

Who doesn’t love playing with blocks, building towers, building again as high as we can, even knocking them over . It’s a bit like life..where new experiences build up, things grow, things don’t work ( fall down) and then we grow more experiences (towers) . Though the towers always need strong foundation blocks at the bottom to hold strong and allow for development. So ..building blocks and child development ? Think of it as from baby -infant- toddler- child developing a strong set of foundation building blocks ready to help our little ones in life . Let’s call the Building blocks :- kindness/empathy, understanding, love ,positive self esteem and self awareness and understanding positive disciplines for life. With these as strong foundations ,our little ones can develop with confidence growing into strong individuals .

As parents we can help support these building blocks to grow strong. Allowing them to grow into their own self as an individual with gaining confidence in themselves and their abilities. Let them be children and act their age . Lots of opportunities to learn though play kindness, playing near others or with others, sharing, taking turns with others, respect for others. Confidence to have fun and laugh and run and dance around and enjoy life. A parent that is open to them, too easily turn to when they need cuddles , love and attention and quiet time. Knowing it is ok to be sad and happy. Positive praise, let them try new things..encourage curiosity of new things and experiences ..let them explore. Children need to learn how to figure out problems..let them …don’t step in and solve the puzzle for them. Have boundaries with behaviour, after-all life has boundaries . Learning boundaries are often related to their safety and their own well being. Building Blocks become part of us xx

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  1. Boundaries are always needed, sometimes not easy to implement or follow through and hopefully they will also be understood In time!

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