New Baby …what to buy?

That exciting time of a new baby  due. So much to think about and maybe you are wondering about what you will need to buy for this new little person. There is no doubt these little ones certainly do need more “stuff” than their size would make you think!

So how do you decide what to buy and what you really need. Yes I guess it would be great in some respects if we just went out and bought everything we saw we liked, but really that is not practical. Plus of course you need to is really important to get to meet your little person first and see how as a family life will be for you. 

I believe there are a few essential things you need to think of. Can you buy too much, ( YES) how do you know if something is going to be right for you? For example when thinking about a pram or pushchair, do you need this to be one that goes easily up stairs, or you’r going to have to carry it up stairs. Is it easy enough to fit in my car ? Do I want this to last for more than this baby?

To break it down simply … think about your little person ….sleep, milk, hygiene, baby transport, clothes and play.

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