Start at last. So after a few false starts. Let’s begin this parenting support. The delay just goes to proof as parents you never know what is coming your way. Podcasts will start in February 2020 . Would be great to hear from you on parenting issues, and thoughts. As I start into 2020 , I can see in every day life how sometimes there are some people who can pass comments or judgements are ready to criticise new mothers so readily. I often wonder if this may be issues with their own personal feelings of how they coped with parenting. Though I do also believe maybe we all can be so busy, sometimes you don’t always think about how/what you say may be taken ?

The beginning.

Well time goes really fast. Harder than I thought to work out the workings of social media! So let’s start . What are peoples main worries about starting the parenting journey?As you approach the end of the pregnancy journey, do you feel ready . One for the arrival of this new life and 2 what the first few days of the journey ahead may hold?


Great that you’ve found my site. I am in the process of setting it up, recording podcasts and finalising everything. It should all be up and going from the end of this month. Hope you keep in touch and follow. Im here to offer support as needed with parenting in the early years. E mail me if you wish. J x