Introducing Janet


Your Child will learn from who you are as a person along with what you teach as a parent. (Janet – #Cherish-Parenting  – 2018)


PARENTING: – Many say is the hardest but best job in the world, yet a role that is like no other. Bringing with it un-dying love for another, happiness, pride, achievement, sadness, frustration and so much more.
There is NO rule book! Needs and routines change regularly. You may wonder if you are doing it wrong more than you are doing it right. Others around you may be quick to criticise and give opinions, yet not always ready, or able, to offer support. Plus finding trusted support is hard.

There is NO such thing as a perfect parent! So be a real parent.

My name is Janet I am a parent of two. I make no claim to be an expert on parenting. We are all individuals, every one follows parenting paths in slightly differing ways. I have been fortunate over several years, to work around the world supporting families. Working in Australasia, Asia and Europe to name but a few. I am a qualified registered health professional with post qualifications and years as an experienced child health-parenting adviser. Working with parents and children from a vast array of cultures and backgrounds, through the antenatal period, early years and then through early school years. Supporting parents through the good times, the hard times and the difficult times. Gaining an understanding and awareness that no matter where you are in the world, what ever your culture, beliefs or background. There are common worries, problems and questions that parents will go through. Experience alongside an educated knowledge base has taught me though that Child development and children’s needs are fundamentally the same worldwide. Plus that parenting holds many of the same issues at the differing stages.

It is with this in mind, that I have started Cherish Parenting. It is not always easy or possible to look for support from those around us. Both work and personal experience has shown me the amazing benefit that good advice and support can do for both us as a parent, and our child. Cherish Parenting is not here to tell parents how to parent. My desire is to offer impartial, informed and educated supportive advice. Here to answer those questions you have, but you just don’t know where to ask them. Here to listen in the good times and also the not so good times.

CHERISH PARENTING offers FREE individualised support . Your own private parenting child health adviser on hand along the parenting journey.  Support in the form of regular BLOG POSTS and VERY SOON PODCASTS, offering advice and information on common parent questions. Responding to questions asked and talking on topics that readers wish for. I will reply via message or e mail . I am here to help from the antenatal period of the parenting journey. Working through the parenting journey. Pick up support at any point .

If you are interested in this support  journey, please follow me /subscribe free to my PODCASTS when available and start support  for the parenting journey.

I am initially starting this support as FREE as I believe it is important for ALL parents to have support. In the future if demand dictates and I have the need to review my paid work commitments, I may charge a monthly subscription amount. Hoping then to consider options like access to face time/ Skype consults and talks in the future….
Yours truly,
Janet … Cherishparenting.


DISCLAIMER:-  I undertake Cherish Parenting in a capacity as a private parenting support adviser. Cherish Parenting is not one that will be able to contain specific individualised health advice. Privacy and confidentiality will be maintained and respected . If whilst offering support, a disclosure of significant concern for the welfare of child or parent were made. It would be my obligation to ensure the safety of the parent and/or child. In line with GDPR. No details will be shared with any other parties and any personal information obtained will be securely stored for the attention only of CherishParenting.